About Us


The cowboy in the picture above is my great-great grandfather James Diamond R. Brown, he was a model for CM. Russell and helped early stockmen find ranches. Diamond R. Brown was also a bullwhacker, trader, and rancher. 


My name is Ed Anderson and I was born and raised on his ranch north of Browning on the South Fork Milk River. I've been a cowboy, rancher, and outfitter all my life. I graduated from Washington St. University in 1978 in agriculture business. I worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a Lease Compliance Officer for ten years, retiring to become a fulltime outfitter. 


My customers were so impressed with the beauty of the landscapes that they encouraged me to take up real estate. I have been helping people find land and build their dreams since the early 1990's. As a buyers broker I can work for you to find that special property. I know what makes a good ranch property and the areas of Montana that have ranches for sale.

Please feel free to contact me to help you find that special property that will fit your needs and fulfill your dreams.